Lots of women are envious of your great life. Your job seems to be going well, and they can only imagine the fun you must be having during your time off.

If they only knew.

In fact, you suffer from mysterious health problems like headaches and muscle pain that keep you awake at night, and you often feel exhausted and depressed. It tires you to think about your overbooked schedule, which you desperately want to get under control so you can actually have free time.

Unfortunately, you seem incapable of saying anything but “yes” when someone asks for help, which clutters your calendar even more. Then you beat yourself up for being the world’s biggest people pleaser.

As someone who lived a life like this for years, I understand your pain. Fatigue was my constant companion and I was often irritable, lashing out at others for no apparent reason, and putting pressure on all of my relationships. Yet I hated to say “no.” I even volunteered for extra commitments, telling myself it was my duty or that it was well worth it to keep everyone happy.

Eventually I got so sick I was forced to let go of most of my obligations in order to focus on getting well. That was when I realized I had to make some serious changes if I wanted a different life.

During the years it took to recover, I researched ways to overcome my people pleasing tendencies and reduce my stress with a variety of alternative approaches.

These new ideas gave me the courage to say “no” more often. Not only did my health improve, but my overbooked schedule became a thing of the past. Now I have time and energy to do what I love. And miraculously, the people in my life respect me more than ever before.

If you are a stressed out woman who wants a change, you have come to the right place.

Imagine how free you will feel when you can say “no” to requests for help that aren’t right for you or don’t fit your schedule. Picture what your life will be like when you never have to suffer from aches and pains caused by stress. And imagine the joy of taking control of your schedule and having free time to spend with friends, family or yourself.

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